About Speak Up For Women

Speak Up For Women, formed in 2018 is a diverse group of ordinary New Zealanders who initially came together to campaign against the sex self-ID amendment being pushed through as part of the BDMRR Bill.

speak up for women new zealand


We found each other on social media, at political party events, through our work, and through friends.

We began with a shared concern about the impact of gender identity politics (including self-ID) on the rights of women and girls. We quickly realised that there is no one advocating for women across the board. Traditional women's groups now focus heavily on gender identity and what is left is a void of services and advocates for women.

We are just starting out, but we intend to fill that void and be the women's rights group that is desperately needed at the moment.

We are dismayed by the way in which women’s voices, both here and overseas, have been silenced by slurs, smears and targeted harassment campaigns.

Where there is a conflict between claims we believe it is critical that there is a need for respectful open discussion.

Our group includes teachers, academics, health professionals, care workers, activists, lawyers, corporates, retirees, and students. We are run entirely by volunteers and receive no public funds or funds from external organisations. We are not affiliated to any political party or religious organisation.

We would love to hear from anyone interested in supporting what we do.

Our campaigning has been successful thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Consider donating to us. Every little bit helps in the battle for women's rights.