The Wellington Region PPTA is spreading misinformation about Speak Up For Women in an email to teachers.

In the email the Interim Regional Chair of the Wellington Region PPTA refers to our event at the Michael Fowler Centre on July 15th as “a transphobic event”. She also gets our name wrong, calling us Stand Up For Women. This is perhaps indicative of her depth of understanding of us.

She has no evidence of transphobia from Speak Up For Women, as we support trans rights.

Transexuals have been attending our meetings across the country and some have spoken in support of our campaign, most recently at our Auckland event.

We are not looking to roll back the existing law, we want an open public discussion about the problems with the proposed new sex self-identification laws.

Here are some examples of the sort of work women involved in Speak Up For Women have done.

All are welcome at our public talk.

We encouraged PPTA delegates and any other concerned teachers to join us in the room. Be informed and ask us questions, rather than railing against imaginary foes from outside.


15 July (Thursday)
Location: Lion Harbourview Lounge, Michael Fowler Centre
Event time: 6-7pm


Date 24 July (Saturday)
Location: Conference Room 2, Dunedin Centre, 1 Harrop Street
Event time: 2 – 3pm


1 August (Sunday)
Location: Lecture Theatre, Waikato Museum, 1 Grantham St
Event time: 2:30 – 3:30pm

  1. I would sue the PPTA and the sender of the e-mail for damages inflicted on your organization for a very large sum of money. This will make the headlines and get your story across. The issue of the summons does not cost much money. Any damages you get will mean that the Labour Party receive less funding.


  2. Excellent idea.


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