Feminism course sponsorship on offer

By Sarah | September 23, 2021

Speak Up For Women are investing in the future of sex-based feminism. We are sponsoring one New Zealand-based woman to attend an online ‘Introduction to Feminism’ course. This course is established on second wave and gender critical feminism. The online course runs for two hours each Friday from 7am to 9am NZ time for six …

Submission on the Hate Speech Proposals August 2021

By Kerry | August 10, 2021

  The government’s desire to foster social cohesion and create empathetic communities is honourable, but the proposed hate speech laws are not the way to achieve that goal. Our objections to the proposal include: The definition of hate speech is so broad and imprecise that the law will unintentionally stifle the expression of legitimate differences …

PPTA Misinformation Speak Up For Women

Be informed and ask us questions, rather than railing against imaginary foes

By Kerry | July 11, 2021

The Wellington Region PPTA is spreading misinformation about Speak Up For Women in an email to teachers. In the email the Interim Regional Chair of the Wellington Region PPTA refers to our event at the Michael Fowler Centre on July 15th as “a transphobic event”. She also gets our name wrong, calling us Stand Up …

Speak Up For Women: Our Campaigners

Speak Up For Women campaigners:

By Cassandra | July 6, 2021

Some of the women involved with SUFW talk about their work over the years:  I’ve been part of policy initiatives for decriminalising abortion, pay equity, increasing the minimum wage. Increasing numbers of female MPs. Action on Smoking and Health executive member, working on Maori and Pasifika outcomes especially. Smokefree Coalition. I’ve been involved in the …

Addressing misinformation regarding concerns with sex self-identification

By Kerry | July 4, 2021

Speak Up for Women has been subjected to a three-year misinformation campaign designed to discredit us and mislead the New Zealand public – and our law makers – about the nature of our concerns with sex self-identification. Organizations such as Gender Minorities have called us a hate group, bigots, anti-trans and transphobic. They have also …

Speak Up For Women wins free speech case

By Kerry | June 27, 2021

Auckland 25 June – Today, Justice Gerald Nation granted Speak UP for Women interim relief against Palmerston North City Council, meaning their meeting to discuss the controversial sex self-identification clauses within the Births, Death, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill will go ahead tonight in the Palmerston North Central Library at 6:30pm as planned. In handing …

Dear School Counsellors

By Kerry | June 8, 2021

Dear School Counsellors, We represent a group of women, including parents, grandparents, educators, social workers, and other professionals, who are very concerned about the effects of social and medical gender transition on young people. A powerful and fashionable narrative is increasingly convincing our youth, particularly young girls, that it is possible to be born in …

Beth Johnson speaks with Sean Plunket about Media Council Ruling

By Ani | November 18, 2020

Speak Up For Women’s Beth Johnson talks to Sean Plunket on Magic Talk about Bad News and the Media Council Ruling Bad News with Alice Sneddon is a web-based short series which received $380,000 of taxpayer funds via NZ On Air for 8 episodes. The funding was for a comedy/documentary series. The series was made …

Ally Marie Diamond on Magic Talk

By Ani | January 22, 2020

Ally Marie Diamond shares her experiences as a prostituted woman in New Zealand. Having exited prostitution Ally Marie now seeks to help women still suffering. She and Speak Up For Women are calling for a review of the current decriminalisation of prostitution.  Speak Up For Women supporter & survivor of prostitution Ally Marie Diamond   …

Jill Abigail

Jill Abigail, The NZ Green Party and Gender Identity

By Ani | November 27, 2019

Yvonne van Dongen’s interview with Jill Abigail has been published at Jill discusses her decades-long involvement in feminist politics, including a long history with the Green Party of New Zealand and recent controversy over NZ gender identity politics. Regarding the claims of transadvocy, Jill states in the interview: “The “innate” gender identity claimed by …