To All Members Of Parliament

BDMRR Bill (self-ID for birth certificate sex)
Proposed Supplementary Order Paper to affirm sex-based exceptions under Human Rights Act

We are a non-partisan network of New Zealanders concerned about the implications of “self-ID” for sex recorded on birth certificates. Under the proposal, a person may change their birth certificate sex via a simple administrative process, involving a statutory declaration that they “identify” as a person of the opposite sex. There is no longer any need for medical evidence, physical change, or even a change in appearance.

We recognise and respect the right of transgender people to live their lives in their chosen identity, and we understand why having a birth certificate consistent with that identity is important to them. We support the stated purpose of the Bill, which is to relieve transgender people of the burden of the existing costly and bureaucratic Family Court process.

But we believe there are rights and interests of other people that must also be taken into account. The Human Rights Act 1993 contains a number of hard-won protections for women and girls. These protections recognise that women face sex-based inequality and that sex segregation is, in certain contexts, important for reasons of safety, privacy, and dignity (among other reasons). For example, the Human Rights Act protects:

  • Separate public facilities/services for each sex, on the ground of public decency or safety (ss 43, 46)
  •  Sex-segregated services (e.g. counselling for highly personal issues) (ss 27(4), 45 and 59)
  • The ability to restrict certain jobs to people of one sex, where that is a genuine occupational qualification, to preserve reasonable privacy, or on religious grounds (ss 27, 28)
  • Single sex accommodation (e.g. hostels, hospitals, schools) (s 55)
  • Single sex schools (s 58)
  • Sex-segregated sports where strength, stamina or physique is relevant (s 49)

The BDMRR Bill provides that despite the self-ID provisions, a person’s sex must “continue to be determined by reference to the general law of New Zealand.”

We ask Members of Parliament to support a Supplementary Order Paper (draft attached) that clarifies this and affirms the existing sex-based protections under the Human Rights Act 1993.

We respectfully remind our representatives that a petition (no. 2017/235) calling for consultation on the impact of self-ID attracted 1616 signatures in three weeks.


Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill

Proposed amendment

22I New information not to affect general law or sex-based exceptions

(1) Despite sections 22B to 22G and section 23, the sex of every person must continue to be determined by reference to the general law of New Zealand.
(2) Nothing in this Subpart shall derogate from the provisions of the Human Rights Act 1993 permitting different treatment based on sex.

Appendix: Signatories 

The nature of the debate is such that, unfortunately, many people are afraid to speak out using their own names. All signatories have been personally contacted about the letter and proposed SOP. The list does not denote membership or affiliation with Speak Up For Women.

Georgina Blackmore HR professional, concerned about the impact self-ID will have on the rights and safe spaces of very vulnerable women and girls.

Dr Holly Lawford-Smith Senior lecturer in Political Philosophy, University of Melbourne (New Zealander).

Don Franks Writer and music teacher alarmed at the potentially harmful effects of self-ID. The rights and well-being of women and children stand to be damaged by this ill-considered legislation.

Jan Rivers Wellington librarian and advocate for issues of the public good

Rachel Stewart Journalist/columnist

Charlie Montague Student, University of Otago

Jenny Whyte Union Official

Tracey Crampton Smith Funeral Director

Richard Seager Post-grad student in climate studies, businessperson

Annabel Markham Lawyer

Tracy Bass Graphic Designer

Chris Bass Warehouse Manager

L  medical doctor and veteran of womens peace campaigns who wants girls to have the right to say no to male bodies in their changing rooms

Deidra Sullivan Tertiary educator, feminist, mother. Concerned that conflicts between Self-ID and women's sex based protections under the Human Rights Act are not being considered.

Sam Brydon  Speech and language therapist specialising in Autism Spectrum Disorders, and mother to two girls. I am particularly concerned about the numbers of young people transitioning, especially girls, and the use of untested drugs and irreversible surgeries.

Steph T (last name withheld) A feminist with concerns about the undermining of women’s long fought for rights and the erasure of women’s and lesbian spaces. There are many concerning repercussions that result from the denial of biological reality, and the overriding of women’s sex-based rights.

Kay Barton Retired teacher and adult literacy tutor. No one should be able to change the sex on their birth certificate because sex is immutable. A change will have detrimental effects on the lives of women and girls.

Wendy Hutchinson Foster parent to vulnerable youth. Wendy is concerned about the erasure of women, women’s consent to have males in female spaces such as prison cells and refuges etc

P Educator. I Support trans rights and their journey towards acceptance and having their identities recognised. But I am concerned about the legal ramifications this may have for cis women and girls.

Caroline Murray  Socialist feminist, mother and physiotherapist concerned about all aspects of transgender ideology, particularly the impacts on vulnerable women in prisons, refuges and sexual violence services. Opposed to all attempts to transition children; overall concerned about the undemocratic means by which this policy is being implemented

Deborah Horan

Beth (last name withheld) Beth is a 37 year old communications professional, feminist, socialist and environmentalist. Beth understands that women’s oppression is based on our biology and is concerned about the wide reaching unintended consequences of self-ID on the rights and safety of females.

Judi Pattison Lifelong feminist who has worked with the National Council of Women NZ, Women’s Studies Association, Rape Crisis services, and Women’s Refuge. Also ran Gender and Development programmes in the Pacific for NZAID. National Advisory group for Women’s Studies.

Anonymous D I am a married heterosexual woman in my early 50s, who’s been fighting for women for nearly 30 years. Women are adult female humans, and biological men should not be anywhere near our safe spaces, our rightful place in the workplace, sport, and leadership

Georgia Drysdale-Dunn BA, commencing post-grad law in 2019. Lesbian feminist who knows women are disproportionately oppressed by male entitlement. The dogma of trans activists is a continuation of this oppression; it is actively misleading vulnerable people, especially young women and lesbians. Deeply concerned by medicalisation of gender dysphoria. An open debate and critical thinking about outcomes for all affected parties is needed.

Rikki Meyer Retail manager, former teacher, pursuing post-graduate study in education

David Stubbs Film-maker and father of three daughters

Anonymous A Teacher, mother, counsellor

Anonymous B Teacher, concerned about allowing a “fiction” to become law

Anonymous C is a creative professional, Green Party member and feminist who believes women should not have to compete against males in sport

C S Williams Long-time Green Party supporter deeply concerned at the Green Party’s hostility towards women who want assessments and public discussion of fundamental changes to human rights law.

Anonymous E E has extensive involvement in mental health, as client and clinician. She researches developmental disabilities, primarily Autism. Growing up as an autistic female, she endured sexual confusion and abuse. She sees the current gender hyper-focus and idea of “choosing your sex” as being in direct conflict with mind/body acceptance and wellbeing. Autistic people are socially naïve, have poor mental health, high risk of sexual abuse and suicide (10x). E is concerned at the 4000% increase in young people seeking gender identity treatment, esp given at least 30% of these are on the autism spectrum.

Anonymous F Feminist and writer

Anonymous G Teacher concerned about the impact of self-ID on female only spaces, and also the medicalisation of gender, especially as it impacts on young people.

Anonymous H Young woman who believes female-only spaces need to be protected, and is worried about the erasure of sex-based protections. I am concerned about the effects of this law change on female prisoners, women’s crisis centres and on affirmative action for women’s leadership roles.

Anonymous I Retired. Long-time Greens supporter, activist and mother of two, worried about how self-ID will affect women in prison who have no voice and no agency to say ‘no’ to who they are forced to share their space with.

Anonymous J A law lecturer, mother of three, and survivor of family violence. J is concerned for the safety of women and children in women’s refuges.

Anonymous K  K is a Maori lesbian feminist working for the government. She has fought long and hard for the underprivileged and for women. She doesn’t want important safeguards for women and children thrown away by thoughtless politicians.

Anonymous L Lawyer, mother, and feminist concerned about the impact of self-ID on the rights of vulnerable women to sex segregated spaces, on women’s sports, and on the elimination of sex-based statistical analysis and about the increasing numbers of young girls being convinced their female bodies are wrong.

Anonymous M is an Engineer, husband and father to one daughter and is worried for both of them, for others wives, daughters, sisters and future female generations. C does not want Government to put females into vulnerable positions by allowing male bodied persons into their personal or sex segregated spaces.

Anonymous Q Feminist engineer concerned about the obscuring of statistics re women’s under-participation in STEM fields, through socialisation. With self-ID it will become impossible to tell the true female involvement in fields where they have been historically impeded.

Anonymous O Retired, Khandallah

Anonymous P Retired, Khandallah

Anonymous N Teacher and librarian (retired)

Anonymous R Retired. Lifelong fighter for social justice, concerned about women’s rights and implications of irreversible decisions made when young people are still neurologically immature.

Anonymous S S is a lesbian feminist concerned with growing medicalisation of gender non-conformity and the effect that self-ID will have on homosexuality as a protected characteristic in anti-discrimination law. She abhors the idea that it is transphobic to be exclusively attracted to the same sex.

Anonymous T T is an artist, Green Party member, and arts tutor concerned about the rhetoric of the transgenderist movement and the medicalisation of gender in children. T is deeply concerned with self-ID laws, essentially reinforcing toxic stereotypes and eroding hard-earned rights and protections of biological females.

Anonymous U U is a primary school teacher and NZEI Union rep who believes in keeping distinctions between gender and sex. That protections, services and spaces for biological females must remain intact. That interference with children’s bodies before full maturity is unethical and invasive. That consent is paramount.

Anonymous V V is retired, and an active member of her local community, being secretary of a rugby club and involved in community gardens and fundraising. She is very worried about the full legal impacts of allowing self-ID.

Anonymous W  W is a single father of two, concerned about the impact of gender identity politics on children.

Paul Litterick Writer, concerned that this proposal will allow dangerous men to enter spaces that are provided for the safety of women and children.

T R Naden  Former Auckland University Students’ Association Queer Rights Officer, former Rainbow Labour co-chair, and 2016 Youth Award Recipient for services to LGBTQI+ Youth.

T adult male, has concerns around female safety in sex separated spaces. Literature shows trans women retain male levels of violence. “It’s about keeping female spaces safe for females ie my daughter, partner, mother and friends."

Anonymous Y Mother of a daughter.

Tim D  Information Technology Administration

Glenn Stewart Teacher

Jasper M  22 year old film student, would welcome public consultation on such a drastic social/legal change to definition of biological sex; supports women's rights and is worried about medical transitioning of young people, particularly lesbians.

Anonymous X is an aged care worker who firmly believes elderly women have the right to request a female care worker to conduct intimate cares such as toileting and showering.

MS Concerned about women having to compete against male bodied people in sport.

Annemarie Mitchell

Cathie Lee Disability Support Officer

E Student

B Medical Student

Kathleen Lauderdale

Jack Store Manager. I have 2 sisters aged 13 and 11, of whom I consider myself a guardian of.
I think it's important to retain the rights of a 50% majority which have been worked very hard for, rather than pander to a minority that barely makes up 1%.

K.Ross Parent

Jessica Armstrong Breastfeeding advocate, feminist, community builder. I am committed to ending the sex-based oppression of women. Self-ID undermines women's ability to address the exploitation and oppression they experience because they have female bodies.

Anonymous, Ngaio Teacher. Supportive of trans having their own status and safe places. Women's places like changing rooms, refuges and women's centers should not be places for men who with self ID can identify as women, but appear still to be men.

Susannah Fry I do not consent to the definition of my female sex in law and the hard won rights and protections afforded to it and those of all other females to be removed under the Human Rights Act by an underthought piece of legislation that allows male individuals by way of self ID to usurp them to the detriment of the safety, privacy and dignity of women and girls in single sex spaces such as toilets, changing rooms, hospital wards, refuges, shelters and prisons as well as occupy our sports and reap the benefits of scholarships in education and politics that exist to address our underrepresentation.

Rebecca Selby Solicitor. Women need to be consulted on this bill.

Elyse Nadia

Rebekah Green Mum and administrator

Jill Abigail Retired editor, researcher, broadcaster, librarian. I am nearly 80 years old, and a feminist since the age of 40. Feminism changed my life and the remainder of my working life was dedicated to working for women's rights. I am dismayed at the dangers to women's rights that have been described in informed commentaries about proposed legal changes. It is anathema to me that the language is being changed to exclude women-specific terms and that some trans activists are saying that it is transphobic to talk about menstruation or pregnancy because those topics exclude transwomen. I am already hearing about "pregnant people", for instance. Ludicrous.

ERM Copy editor, administrator.  As a physically disabled woman I feel concerned about biological males having open access to bathrooms, changing rooms and other female only spaces. Vulnerable women in shelters, prisons or rehabilitation programs are especially at risk since they usually cannot leave freely. Medical and social transition of children with gender dysphoria is not undergirded by science or research. Medical transition in children causes irreversible infertility and removes healthy body parts. The damage we are wrecking on society and innocent lives by uncritical acceptance of untested treatment and social change is immense.

Daphne Francis retired economist. Please do not put the needs of a minority of often vociferous trans-activists who are silencing he voices of many especially women trying protect our rights and needs and those of children who are being medicalized long before they are old enough to eg recognize the full range of options and when puberty blockers might be doing them long-term damage.

Ana W

Selene Maher Therapist

Julie Moss Freelance Journalist. Changing the sex on a birth certificate is a lie. It will not help trans people and it skews all social and health data. Please look at the damaging affects of sex role stereotypes rather than reifying them in law. They do not have material existence.

VF, Te Tai Hauāuru I’m concerned about children who are too young to understand what sex and gender are, are being assisted to transition medically and irreversibly before they can consent. That self ID opens the pathway to abuse by some people. That lesbian women are being erased and called transphobic if they do not want to date or have sex with a transwoman with a male body. That women are being forced into silence by stopping all debate about things like having to compete against male bodied transwomen in sports and forced to apologize if they object.

That safe spaces for women could be entered by transwomen that stats show are more violent. That violence committed by transwomen gets reported as if women did it when self id can leave a man fully intact and behaving as their biological sex, skewing the stats and then the offender can be imprisoned with women, the likely victims of the offender. That stats for medical and healthcare planning and resourcing will become pointless and women end up bearing the brunt of poorly planned systems. That hard biological science is being set aside and that’s biological sex is not a social construct, gender is. Do not conflate the terms or the law around them.

I fully believe that trans people deserve and require protection, but that hard fought for women’s rights should not be eroded at all as a result. No men’s rights seem to be under attack? Trans people are vulnerable for sure, but so are women and children. There is so much to learn scientifically yet to make poorly informed laws.

Anonymous I am a mother, daughter, aunt and sister. I have a daughter, I have sisters and nieces. Protecting our girls from harm is most important. We have fought for many years to value ourselves as woman and I feel this will erode the empowerment we are teaching our daughters.

Taya Vulnerable females need to be protected from males, irrespective of how the male identifies.

Anonymous H, New Plymouth

Michelle Thomson Researcher

Bridget Richardson Farmer. I feel strongly woman's rights need to be protected, as do transgender people's. However to give one group more rights over another seems unfair and wrong.Woman and girls need protection and safe places.


Sahilla Changebringer Consultant. I am a kiwi woman, currently forced by circumstances to live in the US; i am appalled that my fellow kiwis have so little regard for material reality, biological facts and the RIGHTS TO PRIVACY and PROTECTION for women and children that we would even consider this idea that a male can be a woman if he just says so.

RMS Postgraduate science student, University of Waikato. Women are still underrepresented in most physical sciences. Scholarships, internships, and opportunities specifically for female students and scientists attempt to improve the balance. Allowing 'self-identification' will introduce a financial incentive for male students and scientists to legally self-ID as 'women' and compete for these limited opportunities, making them meaningless and undoing all the work that has been done to improve the gender balance in the sciences.

Anonymous IT worker, Teacher, Feminist, Mother of two. Women need to remain as a separately defined class in order to have any kind of legal protection. When sex becomes a self-defined attribute it ceases to have any meaning as a distinct category. Our oppression is based on the false perception of our ability due to our biology. Changing the definition of 'woman' won't remove this discrimination, it will just make it harder to legally fight when a 'woman' is defined by feelings rather than science.

Erin Pendreigh Minister of Religion. Without taking away from the emotional struggle of people who feel they were born into the wrong body - words are important. and bills such as this need to be really clear in what they are allowing and protecting.

I believe to self-identify is one thing but the protection the law affords woman is required for bias and behaviour that someone who self-identifies doesn't need. To journey the Transgender road has support and counselling and deep emotional work that seems to affirm and confirm this persons believes. I am still working out the legal aspects of this. But i am uncomfortable with this change in law extending to a 'self-identify' status.

Margo van der Voort Retired Child Care Director. I am adding my name to stand up for the rights to protection of women and lesbians who are under threat of losing their human rights. Self ID rights puts the lives and safety of women and lesbians and children at risk. Men cannot be trusted to use so called 'transgender' rights as a way to infiltrate women only spaces. The proof is there, in women's shelters/refuges, in women's prisons, in the girl guides organisations, in all women only spaces. Stop harming women who are already suffering horrendous abuse and violence the world over. Self ID transgender lobbyists have no respect for women's rights and reality of living in a hostile and violent world.

Helen Riley

Dani R  Lecturer, History. There is no right to sacrifice the privacy and safety of women and girls.

Diane mcGowan cashier. This is dangerous - males should never be allowed in women's spaces, no matter who they claim to be.

R Public Servant. It’s just awful that any public debate on the matter, or even asking for public debate on the matter, is being squashed. Women are right to ask these questions. I want trans rights but not at the expense of women’s rights.

Anonymous IT Worker. Trans women deserve compassion but I think the needs of rape and domestic violence survivors who want sex segregated spaces should be prioritised where these conflict.

Seann Paurini Educationalist and writer. I'm signing for sisters, nieces, girlfriends, mum's, grandma's, girls, baby girls & their contribution to life on our beautiful earth from the beginning.

Karen Richardson Rest home Worker, Lower Hutt.

DB Lenck Administration. Changes as significant as those proposed need to be considered and discussed by ALL concerned before they are implemented, to minimise the risk of unintended consequences.

Tina Vincent It is vital that women's needs are acknowledged if their safety and dignity are to be preserved in certain settings as set out here.


Hayley McCluskey 

Sarah McCann


Steven Gray

A.O. Marketing. Lesbian, feminist, rape survivor. Trans people must be afforded all human rights as everyone should be, however their additional desires can not impinge on the rights of women.

E.W. Public Servant. While habitually accepting, supportive and encouraging of others' rights to live their lives authentically in a way that makes them feel proud, fulfilled, sincere and happy, I have reservations that the proposed legislation may result in unanticipated problems for vulnerable children and adults. I don't believe that potentialities have been adequately addressed because any mention of reservations is discouraged or openly dismissed as inherently transphobic. The needs, rights, opinions and vulnerabilities of all involved sectors of the community should be given due and equitable consideration, and public debate should not be shut down because any given interest or lobby group perceive the airing of opinions or public discussion or debate to be targeted acts of literal violence.

Laura Social Worker. Women need to be consulted and heard. The lack of current critical thinking on the matter is terrifying. How is it justifiable to continue to oppress the oppressed?

Adult Human Female Researcher


Maxine Collier MA Retired Company Director. I am adding my name because women’s rights need to be protected. Women only spaces for women and girls. Protection of children from being forced to share toilets with adult men. Hard won women’s posts for women not usurped by male bodied trans gender women who are male bodied. The right to define women as women and not ‘cis’ women . To be able to express reality not being silenced by a trans gendered woman who is a man who has dysmorphia. To have the right to safety in a world where women and girls are sexually exploited . Women and parents need to know the biological sex of who may be working with their children. It’s a child protection issue . Women and children who need safety from violence need to know that it will be women only in refuges and not s msn who had self identified as a woman .

Neil Anderson Gardener/artist/handyperson

Charlotte Edwards

Liz Pitt Social Worker. Such legislation is open to abuse- is it right that a girl6 years?, 10 years? Or say 13 years will not have the right to say no to a man with a penis in her communal changing/ showering area? This is open to abuse by any man who chooses to, an open goal.

Caroline Campbell

Susan Harris

Adult Human Female Consultant

Jill Gardner Language matters and the correct and legal definition of woman must remain adult human female. Gender is NOT a biological reality that women live everyday. The result of our biology is oppression, sexism, violence, abuse, subjugation. Men cannot become women and as such the terms need to be clearly defined in law. Sex is and must remain a protected category. Laws simply cannot be made based on subjective feelings. Laws must be maintained around objective reality.

Daisy Reeves Student.

Woman is not a feeling inside a man’s head. They are not us, simply because they say that they are. The sex-based protections we benefit from are a requirement that was identified as a consequence of the oppression inflicted upon the female class by the male class. Transwomen belong to the male class in every demonstrable capacity. They do not require the sex-based protections that women were at a distinct disadvantage without.

Protect women.

Gemma Iversen

K Sunney Mother and library assistant. I stand with women and girls.

Kate Lee

JK Student. It is important to protect women. Self-ID is dangerous and gives men free access to women-only spaces.

Kerry Neilson Medical Doctor, Rangitata. Women have a right to have areas safe from men. Trans persons need to negotiate for their own safe space for themselves.

Penelope Kirwan Marketing Manager. I am a woman and a stepmother. I feel there are situations such as the ones above a when woman's right to safety, dignity and privacy trumps a man’s fantasy and dilusion.

Emma Quinton Teacher. I am a woman, I have daughters. Everyday they suffer catcalls and sexist abuse from males. They are vulnerable and need to have spaces away from males. Many males are predatory and would use self ID as a means to attack and rape females in supposedly safe spaces. There would be no more safe spaces.

Laura Martini Planning manager

Emma Roth

Isabella Stevenson Sociologist. I believe that trans-people should be able to use whatever pronoun they feel best fits them. But I object to their being able to self-ID to legally change the sex they had at birth. I think if men who feel they are women are able to self-ID, it will do grave harm to women and girls especially, and will have unintended negative consequences for the larger society.. Men wanting to be women should have to undergo a full "transition" involving hormone blockers, female hormones and sex re-assignment surgery (at least up to the loss of his penis) before being legally able to change her sex. And birth certificates should show that a change has been made as a result of this transition (in the same way that changing one's name by deed poll is reflected on birth certificates). In addition, the law must enshrine exceptions to protect women-only "spaces" and these should be expansive and specified.

Sarah Mansfield Concerned for the impact on women and sex segregated spaces such as sleeping arrangements, changing rooms.  Also grave concern for children being transitioned.

Jaine Cronin Mother, educator, support worker, feminist, ally. I fully support human rights for trans identifying people. I also fully support the right of females (women) to sex segregated spaces.  The sex based rights of women must not be sacrificed for this.

Chris Radcliffe  Women and girls have a right to safety, privacy and dignity in male-free spaces. No changes to laws that affect this should be made without consulting women.

Fiona Pearson Single sex spaces protect women & girls - safeguarding is important.

Serena Kelly

Ruth Dineen Consultant. This represents a major attack on the rights of women & girls to safety, dignity and privacy. Single sex spaces are vital and must be retained.

Mikayla Childcare Centre Manager. Young woman with care & safety of children as my passion and motivation.

Chelsea Geddes

Arabella Ward Social Worker. Pls dont erase womens rights.

Felicity Stacey-Clark Writer. Safety of all women born women is paramount. I have been abused and labelled TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) by trans activists for espousing my viewpoint. Today's world is not safe for women and girls, and will be even less safe should this ludicrous self-identification movement be granted credence. Invasion of the precious few safe women-only spaces like refuges would be a horrifying consequence of this madness.

Annette Abercombie Business Process Manager, Tamaki. I believe gender is a social construct and sex is a biological one that cannot be changed. I believe our biological facts that exist at our birth can not be changed. As such I believe our birth certificates should state our sex. As an alternative the bill should add an additional marker of gender, which can optionally be left blank, and can be changed by the subject of the birth certificate if and when they please throughout their lifetime. This approach will have the added advantage of capturing truthful data on gender identity to help provide appropriate transgender based services to those who require them.

Julie Baga Library and Learning Centre Liaison, Hutt South.  The news that a male rapist in the UK, posing as a woman, was admitted to a woman only prison where he sexually assaulted two inmates is the extreme edge of this debate. However dramatic, it still illustrates the need for women-only spaces where rape and sexual abuse female victims can feel safe. I am an incest survivor who feels fear when in an elevator with only male occupants - please support this Supplementary Order Paper so I can continue to find women-only places of safety.


Beatrice R Retired. I fully support the human rights of transgendered people. But this proposed legislation will not achieve this - it subsumes gender under sex, and creates legal falsities. Transgender should be a separate protected category in the Human Rights Act, enabling transgendered people to have their own facilities such as toilets, changing rooms, refuges, sports etc. This would be a fair solution, rather than taking women's facilities. Also, changing birth certificates without any controls will allow imposters and criminals to create new identities for the purposes of committing crimes against women and children.

Phil Creagh Lawyer, Tamaki.

Treena Office Admin. How would Jacinda feel about having boys/men able to go into Neve's changing room/toilet, etc?

Sarah Matenga Early Childhood Centre Manager

Emma C ECE Teacher. If a person decides to change or believe they are a different sex to what they were born, it doesn't change who they were born as. Therefore they should not be able to change on their birth certificate the sex they were born. There should be more rules around changing this as it just gives rights for anyone to change and use this to their advantage. What if a pedophile who is a man (or woman) decides to change on their certificate to their advantage, but they don't even identify as what they have changed it to?

Denise McKay Mt Albert.   believe in transparency when there is a possible change to a law under discussion. On such an important matter, as a voting member of the public, I have a right to know about such issues with time for dicussion so I can make an informed judgement.

Colleen Peterson kindergarten teacher. I am a kindergarten teacher and I am seeing that children already have an identity crisis because of the insecurities they live with. This legislation would hasten the erosion that is already happening to the life of families.

Rachel Chch east

Jillian Irwin Retired, Helensville.

Dougal Blyth, University Lecturer, Epsom.

Deborah Admin, Maungakeikei. Ridiculous - not much thought has gone into this.

Sarah McRae Teacher, Port Hills.

Janice mum. Once again the rights of women are being trampled on.

Theresa Ann Thorpe Residential Worker, Sydenham

Lisa Barron Early Childhood Teacher, Christchurch East.

Cushla Watts Manager, Christchurch. I don't agree that anyone should be able to just change their sex-id without evidence that they are living as their new gender.

Tom Poland Registered Nurse

Kirsty Christchurch


George Douglas Pratt Retired Academic, North Shore. This is a manifestly and logically flawed proposed law change. It confuses simple biological genital sex indicators with complex existential identity indicators - which is more than simply a matter of genitalia. The genital evidence of sex identity given at birth remains objectively the 'sex identity' until surgically changed. To superimpose an existential 'choice' is to subvert objectivity with subjectivity and so make a nonsense of birth records for everybody.

Mary Hill (Pseudonym Anonymous), Education Academic, Mt Albert. As an advocate for women and the education of women and girls I implore you to think more carefully about the unintended consequences of this change. Much more thought and consultation is required before such a sweeping change is made.

Martin Schot Teacher, Wairarapa. Students come to me with questions already about safety in changing rooms and this would make them very anxious, and rightly so. We cannot relieve the issues for a few people and thereby add to the pressure on the majority of the people. These decisions should not be lightly taken and should include good public debate.

Geraldine Coats Minister of Religion, Wellington Central. I'm not against sex change for medical and psychological reasons, but there needs to be a measure of protection for everyone against people who will abuse this right.

Melinda Allen Lecturer, Waitakere. Many important issues have been raised herein and there needs to be more public awareness, consultation and debate around the proposed changes.

Katherine Harris Policy advisor, There are biological differences between males and females, you should not be able to choose your biological gender.

Kerri Teramura Executive Assistant, Auckland

Hester Slabbekoorn

Ada Geuze, teacher-aide

Nicola W Upper Hutt. Full-time Mum of 6 - (5 boys and 1 girl).

Sally Bailey Teacher. As a Mother of two girls and a teacher to many I am concerned about the future safety of all of our girls. This is a ridiculous idea.


Jo New Plymouth

L  Rongotai. I am not opposed to the advancing of rights for the transgender community, and I recognise the need for safe spaces for everyone, but self-ID as a way to ensure this is detrimental to women's rights and women's safety. Why can't we explore more creative options where we aren't pitting the rights and safety of one group against another?

Pam Campbell Office Manager, Taupo. I find this apalling and don't understand why it is even an issue (self ID).

Kerry Neilson Rangitata, Medical Doctor. Please keep women's places safe. We don't ask for much. I don't think it is unreasonable to have a safe place to toilet, to change, to sleep, and to discuss our personal lives.  Also, a born male should not be able to compete in sport against cis-females

Shelley Wellington, Teacher.

Mrs Davidson

Mary Celeste  Nelson, Language teacher, artist, writer, singer. I am concerned about the safety and comfort of women and girls.

N Tauranga Kumeu, Education Manager, Group Fitness Instructor. Safety is very important for everyone, no matter if you are a female or a male, but we need to have parameters in place to ensure that safety is at the forefront for everyone who is vulnerable. I believe that this change will cause unnecessary stress for many females who use women only spaces. I would feel very uncomfortable letting my two daughters go to public toilets, pools, gyms etc if this change was made available.

Christine Johnson Mana. Keep the rights of women separate and protected. We cannot have our rights eroded by politically correct transgender issues. Anyone could self-identify and place us at risk in our safe spaces. This is very badly thought out. Our biology must be respected.

Ellen McKendry Women will NOT cede our rights to men, regardless of how they identify themselves. Biological sex is objective reality. It is the business of governments to legislate on the basis of objective reality, not the subjective reality of an interest-group minority.

Justine Tertiary lecturer


Katrina Markenstein, Shed Hand, Wairarapa.

Jenny Robertson  Keep the issues about protecting the rights of girls and women in relation to biological sex distinct and separate from the rights of trans and other gender identities - they are different issues, each deserving it's own space - which is not the same space. What is proposed is confusing the sex and gender debates - 'sex' considerations are about our biology - and this is about more than what we look like on the outside, gender is about our socially constructed identities. What are the implications of this intended law change for other identities such as ethnicity (or race) - with no biology (ie no ancestry/ blood line/ genetics) can I claim to be Maori for example without the whakapapa to back me up?

Norma Croft Administrator, Tai Tokerau

Barbara Hepburn Teacher, Gisborne.

Cyril S Early Childhood Teacher

ViJai Bremen Interpreter. Humans are a dimorphic species. We are born either male or female. Sex cannot be changed by taking hormones to develop secondary sex characteristics, nor by dressing in stereotypical fashion as the opposite sex, nor can "feeling" like the opposite sex. Ofcourse, anyone can dress how they like, take up whatever hobbies they choose etc. None if that means a person has changed their sex.

Women have worked very hard for our single sex shelters, public facilities (toilets, changing rooms), as well as our own sports teams and events. Now men who simply "feel" like women invade our spaces, steal 1st place in our sports, assault us in jails/prisons. Women's health, well-being, and safety is being sacrificed to men. Unacceptable!


Diane Bigham Administrator, wife and mother of three girls.

Håkan Teacher

Alison C Teacher

Fran Lawrence Writer, artist, Northland.

Jean Craddock Office Manager, Wanganui.

Ann Allen Independent scholar

Janine Morgan I am concerned about the erosion of the class of woman and what that means for the rights and safety of women and girls.

Nicki Secretary, Franklin

T Goodward Business Director, Northcote, Auckland. Girls rights should be protected from potential misuse of such a law change.  My concerns include, for example, a man who has a known history of sex-offences against women, now legally a woman without having had any medical changes, approaching women in public toilets. How would this situation be managed by law and how would vulnerable females be kept safe with this law change?

Angela Ritchie Student, Palmerston North. I don’t believe in segregated schools, but do believe in the need for everything else on this petition. Self-identifying is a crock. Men should be allowed to be feminine and feel safe without having to undergo unnatural surgery.

Patrick Girard Assistant Professor

Catherine Ellis Teacher, mother

Eva Office Support. This is insane and should not happen.

James Penman Teacher, Hamilton East

Emily Davies Public relations professional, Mt Albert. I want rights for trans people but not this way, which is at the expense of hard fought women’s rights.

Ann R Mother, grandmother, Retired teacher, journalist. Otaki. No legislation or change to legislation without consultation. I am in sympathy with what has been stated already above.

Michelle Thornton Manager & Teacher, Browns Bay, Auckland

H Holder ECE Owner, Nelson

Bartus Gysbertsen Counselling Student. Port Hills, Christchurch

Debbie Mc Administrator

Pam Collinge Retired, Otaki

Grace Mum & Teacher

Verdette Bruwer Teacher, East Coast Bays

Anne J Retired lawyer, Auckland Central

Sarah Comms Manager, Feminist. Mother. Citizen, Epsom

This self-ID may be abused for crime and is a dangerous idea. We females do not want to share our bathrooms or changing rooms with males who claim to be females. A doctor’s cerficate showing that a male-born body has been completely, verifiably and irreversibly transformed to a female body must be submitted to have one’s sex on ID changed.

Susan Siens disabled. When women are fearful of speaking out due to threats of violence and reprisal, this is called FASCISM. It doesn't matter how nicely cloaked fascism is in neoliberal glitter, it is still fascism.

Lee Extremely concerned mother! I want to protect my daughter, which is hard to do at the best of times. How can you even consider this!!

Michelle Thornton Manager & Teacher, Browns Bay, Auckland


Sarah Davis Mother, Rodney

N Paewai

Skye Smith

Sitotoataema Faafili ECE Teacher

Richard Moyle retired, Coromandal

Marian Shilton Teacher, Rotorua

H Olykan Teacher, Tasman

Grace Chayil I'm a second year BA student at Victory University of Wellington. I'm a former mental health Support worker and a present community Support worker and a mother to boys and girl. This idea is just not right is not normal male and female can not share same identity or identify with each other as one for so many different reasons. Girls have periods, girls have Brest that are different from boys, girls I unable to defend themselves or protect themselves from being rape my boys due to unequal straight and the list can go on.what happened in the female toilet when man and women are to have one identity? This is aborminition. We already have lots of mental health issues related to rape and sexual abuse in addition we have the highest scucide rate among young people what will become of the future? What will happen to boys with no knowledge about period going into the toilet used by a girl with period? What happened to the dignity of women in our society? Please safe the future by making the world a better and comfortable place for all.
Thank you.

Margaret  Bed, masters in ed, and criminology. Please have a look at the situation in the UK where women are fighting back. And also at the US were women can't even play sport without being beaten by boys and men. Trans self ID is an attack on the safety and ontological security of women and girls. It should not go through.

Karl Foreman Minister, Taranaki

J Bennett mother of a daughter, aunty to nieces. Explain to me why this is even being considered, what are the reasons for it?  What about my daughter's privacy and safety! What about your daughter!

Kathryn S Administrator, Mother. Tauranga

Claire Bonner B. Counselling student, Ilam. This is hugely concerning, and seemingly not thought through at all by those proposing it.

Deborah Walker Business Owner

Charlotte Mother. Women need to have the rights and safety in segregated same sex spaces we have fought so hard for. This proposed bill endangers those rights.

Cecilia Student. Single-sex spaces is crucial to keep women and girls safe from male violence.

Stephen Moore Wigram. Gender self-identification is delusional and women deserve to be protected from its potential to harm them.

Stephen Moore Wigram. Gender self-identification is delusional and women deserve to be protected from its potential to harm them.

Margaret C Dunedin North. Please do not let this happen. What is the world coming to. I totally disagree with this proposal.It must not happen.

Jared Luke Nelson, draughstman. Biology matters. Allowing self identification will be the undermining women's rights, sporting accomplishments, and safety in private spaces.

Erin Evis I don't believe this legislation has been thought through adequately, for all the reasons mentioned above. Consultation is required, in my view, and the protection of women and girls should be paramount. This is too open to abuse.

Bronwyn Williams  I have seen first hand the violence and manipulation men are capable of against vulnerable women and girls. Women and girls are entitled to safety and security and this right should not be sacrificed to the right of men to self-identify as women. One female person suffering as a result of a law that allows men to self-identify as women is one too many.

With a little thought and the right political will, there is no reason why the rights of female persons and transgender persons cannot exist equally. The rights of one group should not be permitted to compromise the other.

Katherine Harris Policy advisor, There are biological differences between males and females, you should not be able to choose your biological gender.

Ewan McCafferty New Plymouth

Jo New Plymouth

Kathleen Lauderdale

Kathleen Lauderdale

Sarah Hayward Customer Service

Danielle Gibbs Salesperson, Hamilton. You are born male or female, with exception of those born intersex. I feel like there are some people that would take advantage of this bill purely to hurt or intimidate women. The only time anyone should be changing gender is those who identify as transgender and even then it should be a amendment like "transitioned from male to female in 2013 and will now be formally identified as a woman. Other than that it shouldn't change.

Liz Pitt Social worker. Self id is a risk to women and girls sex based rights. A man cannot be a woman , evidence shows that make pattern violence is the dmsane for men and trans identified men. Men remain a risk to women and girls

Angelica Danforth Voice-over Artist. Transgendered people, despite their body dysphoria issues, should have the right to dress as they please and live without harassment. However, NOT at the cost of women's and girls' rights, safety and well-being. Unless full sex-change surgery has been performed, a man is still a man and a woman is still a woman. Don't argue against medical and scientific fact, just to placate the transgender minority.

Sandra Forsythe CSO

Vera McAllister Hospitality manager

Anonymous Retired, Hutt South.

Valerie Barker Retired. We women need to be protected against any male who would use this for their own gratification


Eliza B.

ME  Homemaker and teacher. I am concerned about the safety of women and girls if men and boys will be allowed into areas that should be reserved for women/girls only (eg public toilets and changing rooms) simply by stating they are female...

Lily Woodhill Wellington Central. My main concern with self-declaration is the mile-wide loophole it allows for predatory and abusive (mostly cis)men to abuse the system to gain access to places such as women’s refuges and other safe havens for women who have been victims of – particularly sexual – violence and abuse. MTF trans-people may well present no threat, but there are women whose backgrounds give them every reason to feel nervous in the presence of adult people with penises and they have just as much need and right to feel safe in those spaces as transgender people do to be treated with respect. IMO, respect works better if it flows in both directions.

G stephens Corrections officer

Laura Science and Technology, Ohariu. Open minded left leaning married mother of infant educated in the sciences. This law change will endanger the rights of women, children and other vulnerable groups. I also believe it does nothing to dispel gender stereotypes. I am somewhat in disbelief at the naivety of politicians for letting this go as far as it has in order to appear popular.

 Juana Atkins Editor. A birth certificate is a FACTUAL document it is not there to soothe someone's feelings or to help them pretend. People with a Mental illness should be supported and helped but not by changing fact-based official documents.

Jane Bloore Retired Librarian and Archivist, Dunedin North.

This is bad legislation. Women in our society need safe and protected spaces, and if this law passes they will lose them. If an obvious man enters a women's toilet and claims he has a right to be there because he 'self identifies' as a woman what is the legal right of a woman who asks him to leave because she is unsure of his intentions? Could she be arrested for a 'hate crime'?

Note that I am perfectly comfortable with the idea of a genuine trans woman using a woman's toilet for example if she has cause to feel unsafe using men's facilities even if she has not undergone re-assignment surgery. For me that is not the problem. What is the problem is knowing that unscrupulous men could use the 'self-identify' provision as a Trojan Horse to attack women and girls in what should be protected spaces, such as toilets, women's refuges and hostels, women only swimming pools etc. It has made me very angry that women have been attacked and vilified for even raising their concerns about the possible unintended consequences of this legislation. Why should we women have the burden of second guessing the intentions of every man who demands entry into a space that should clearly be ours?
Common sense really needs to be applied here. Women who have issues with this proposed legislation do not hate trans gender people, nor would they want them to be discriminated against in terms of their ability to live a full life in their communities, as is pointed out in the preamble to this submission.

I hope that the concerns raised in this submission are carefully considered by the Government.

Jessica S

Sarah davies

Amanda Student, North Dunedin

Daphna Whitmore Nurse, Manukau East.  I am a nurse working in sexual and reproductive health. I am concerned about the potential erosion of women's rights. There needs to be proper consultation with women before any changes are made.

In addition the recognition of biological sex is important in the field of healthcare. It is vital that clinicians know the sex of their patients because there are distinct differences between the sexes, and replacing recognition of biological sex for self identification of gender will result in serious risks for transgender people.

Anon Superannuitant, Dunedin North. Of self-ID were permitted it would be permission to unilaterally declare reality has ceased to be reality and is now a matter of "how *I* want it to be".

P Bank Manager, Hutt.  Biological differences between male and female at birth is aknowledged scientifically. I dont want women to be forced into sharing confined spaces, meagre “female” tagged resources, or competing in sports with males who self identify as female. Women have fought long and hard for equality, don’t allow it be eroded by passing this ill considered bill.

L. V. Leech Administrator, Auckland. There simply must be a biological determination of a child’s sex at birth. After that people should be able to live their life as they choose but there must be a recorded starting point.

Christine Laws General Practitioner, Auckland Central. As a lifelong feminist and a mother and grandmother of girls, I oppose the erosion of their rights and safety that will occur if biological males who "self-identify as women" are given equal access to the safe spaces, scholarships and sporting contests intended for women. Anyone who thinks this will not be abused is breathtakingly naive.

Frankie Customer Service Rep, Waimakariri

Katherine Chua Homemaker. Howick

Peter Burrell Retired. Coromandel. I believe this applies both to men and women,not just to women.The birth Certificate is there for a reason,lets keep it in its' present form. This government is going too far and going with anything which will keep it popular.This move is madness

Jocelyn Gascoigne Chartered Accountant

Nick Scullin Librarian, Ilam

Donna Jamieson Administrator, Rongotai. I am an administrator at a tertiary institution with a partner and two teenage children. I object to the self ID legislation because it will enable men to intimidate and abuse girls and women. The physical and mental safety of girls and women will be jeopardised due to an invasion of their spaces and activities. My daughter goes to the gym. She should not be put in a position where she is showering and changing in the same space as a male who self IDs as female but who has the potential to rape her. Nefarious men will use this to their advantage as has been shown to be the case overseas. If this legislation passes there will be no safe women-only spaces and subsequently women's activities and choices will be curtailed. It will be a huge backward step for the rights of women and our right to autonomy. I support trans people choosing who they want to be and I agree that there needs to be ongoing discussion about ways of inclusion for all people but I do not agree with self ID. It is misogynistic and will set a dangerous precedent.

Debbie T Housewife, Kapiti. I am so glad women are defending their hard won rights over this issue. No one wishes to take anything away from transgender women. I hope that transgender women will listen to this debate and desist from taking anything away from biological women. Transgender women must find their own way to safety not muscle in on the path that biological women have fought for.

P Educator. I Support trans rights and their journey towards acceptance and having their identities recognised. But I am concerned about the legal ramifications this may have for cis women and girls.

Jacqui McLaren Teacher. Acceptance of self-ID is a backward step for our society. I believe it would be a backlash against lesbians, women and the gains made in the last 100+ years. The 'violent' approach of transactivists (use of threats, actual violence e.g. many cases in the UK) are an expression of misogyny and male violence in action. It is again men and their supporters wanting to take over things female and redefine them to the man's benefit (it is so noticeable the demands of MtF are loud and vociferous while FtM quite quiet) while reinforcing many awful gender stereotypes.

Sarah Health care. Mother of 3 sons. What is 125 years of suffragette if womens voices and rights are being ignored? This is an undoing of womens rights. The right to women only spaces like bathrooms, prisons and a safe place to go to like womens refuge belong to biological women only! otherwise why even separate women from men? Contradictory much?




Elsa Crone Student, Waiariki. Males and atypical sexes are NOT female, girls or women. There's typical male, typical female, and atypicals. Add atypical as a third option that people can change their stated sex to, or have chosen for them at birth. But do not make it possible to change from male to female or female to male on any official documentation.

Stephanie M Mother. I believe there needs to be safe spaces for girls and women only, especially vulnerable women.


Anne Stephens Not a ‘terf’, not ‘cis’ just a woman - an adult human female.


David Murray Analyst, Lower Hutt

Clarke maguire Chch east

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