Speak Up for Women's Sport

Sport must be categorised by

sex, not gender identity.

Speak Up For Women's Sport

As Kiwis we pride ourselves on our reputation of being people who play hard, but fair when it comes to sport. From the youngest age we are taught to shake hands with the opposition and be gracious in our victories and defeats. In order to ensure fair competition, organised sport has always required athletes to be grouped into various categories. Commonly, this is seen in regards to age, weight, and of course, sex.

However, our sporting organisations in New Zealand are enabling a practice that has been described by researchers from Otago University as "intolerably unfair" - biologically male athletes competing in women's sport.

We are calling on the New Zealand Olympic Committee, Sport New Zealand, and the Minister for Sport Hon Grant Robertson, to put a stop to disadvantaging women and girls by making clear in policy and practice that women/girls and men/boys categories MUST be determined by SEX and not gender identity.

Sport is an important part of life and everyone should have the chance to compete and enjoy the benefits and opportunities of sport. Organising sport by sex ensures a more even playing field for everyone.

Join us and Speak Up For Women's Sport.

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